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Bobby’s English Tack has been manufacturing Fine English Tack since 1880.  Their business model relied heavily on brick and mortar distributors throughout the United States.  In the past few years, their distributors started to shrink due to online sellers eating into marketshare.  MediaTamer not only built them a custom E-Commerce shop built on lightening fast servers, but developed their social media channels, email marketing automation, and digital marketing platforms.  Within the first month of their new online shop opening, their sales increased by over 100%.  Contact us for full reporting on this success story.

MediaTamer was able to synchronize all of their branding and channels to ensure success.  With automated emails, coupon codes including abondoned cart technology, and social media strategies all working together there was no way Bobby’s English Tack could lose.  We dig into each company’s strengths and create solutions that match these strengths at an affordable price.  Check out Bobby’s English Tack online at www.bobbystack.com, join their email list, and visit them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.  Their business continues to explode!

Custom Built Law Firm Solutions



Each Law Firm and Attorney website that we design here at MediaTamer is unlike anything else out there.  Most all legal websites are thrown up online and forgotten about.  There is no interaction or content creation to keep things relevant.  MediaTamer utilizes a proprietary strategy to increase website traffic and focuses on lead conversion.  We develop dynamic websites with tools such as calendar solutions, email marketing automation, chat products, and so much more.  Depending on your goals and budget MediaTamer will fine tune and synchronize your message across multiple platforms keeping your brand message consitent.  

Content creation is key in staying in front of prospects and clients and no one does it better than MediaTamer.  Our Video productions hit the mark, but it’s the way we deploy media such as this that makes the difference.  Total SEO packages along with pay per click advertising allows us to reach more people precisely rather than by chance. It’s important to be in the right place at the right time when it comes to converting website leads in legal practices and our campaigns are designed to do just that.  Trust us to help you increase and build your legal practice.  Like all of our clients, you’ll be glad you did.


your branding starts here!

Let Media Tamer help you create the custom brand identity you’ve been dreaming of.  We start with a look and feel and customize your website continuously.  Our website designers never stop improving and fine tuning your website…that’s the Media Tamer difference.  Contact us today to get started.

Custom Made Digital Marketing
Your Online Success starts here.

Your website should not only reflect what your business is all about, but it should immediately stun the user.  You have seconds to make a first impression with clients and customers. Why not let Media Tamer give you the best first impression?

Media Tamer will get deep into your business and find out what you’re trying to accomplish, then create a customized plan to make it happen.  Your website is the foundation of your online presence and all roads should lead to your door.  Once they’re in the door, we can help make sure action is taken in order to help you inform, sell, and keep more business.

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