Persistence Pays HUGE Returns in Life & Content Creation

Persistence Pays HUGE Returns in Life & Content Creation

Persistence Pays HUGE Return in Life & Content Creation

Persistence is really the key to success in pretty much any worthy endeavor in life.  Before we apply it to how it is crucial to content creation, let’s look at some elements and behaviors that we all need to make sure are in place before we can start to move down that persistent path.

The definition of persistence is, “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.”  We’ve all seen how most people push towards a goal and ultimately give up when things get difficult.  Why does this happen and often just before the flood gates of success were about to burst open.  It’s easy to stay the course for a week, a month, a couple months, but what separates those who wish for things and those who actually make things come into existence is persistence.  It’s creating purposeful daily habits that slowly but persistently move us into attaining success of a worthy goal.

First we need to make sure that whatever long term goal we’re trying to achieve is not only worth the effort, but something we truly have a passion and a gift for.  Take some time to clearly and honestly evaluate what you’re trying to accomplish and visualize what that may look like in a month, 6 months, a year, and 3-5 years from now.  Is it something that will still be valuable in a longer time span?  Is it something that you will still be enthusiastically waking up each day and grinding out the pursuit?  If the answer is yes, then make yourself a promise and pursue it with relentless faith.

Second, we need to do what my man Ed Mylett teaches on his incredible podcasts about how one builds self-confidence.  He teaches that self-confidence is built by keeping the promises that we make to ourselves.  We need to continuously perfect this habit and state of mind to reach our fullest potential or “Max Out,” as Ed has coined.  If you can learn how to keep promises that you make to yourself, you will move yourself in the right direction…which should be always forward…yet with an understanding that it is rarely straight.  Be prepared to make mistakes, do course corrections, and keep moving persistently forward as you get better and better.

Lastly, once we have settled in our heart on the long term goals we set out to achieve and built a strong base of self-confidence by keeping promises to ourselves…now comes the long term persistence in our plan.  And this is how it applies to content creation.

Starting off building content is something that requires both consistency and long term persistence.  If you can’t commit to creating content multiple times per week and blasting it out there you…. A) will never get good at it B) won’t build up the confidence to keep moving forward, and C) will never build up enough good content to make an impact.  At first your content may suck.  Your message may not hit the brand you’re looking for.  Your message could be fragmented and not resonate with the community your trying to reach.  Hell you may not even know who you’re trying to reach until you write a few dozen blogs…or film a library of videos or send out a couple hundred posts.  But if you persistently keep a promise to just continue creating and getting better and learning…it will eventually pay off.  If you believe that you have something that is worthy, that will positively impact this world, that has value to others, then it’d be a shame if you didn’t share that gift.   Be honest, be confident, and be persistent and it will pay off in both content creation and in life.  Be true to yourself, stay the course and Godspeed.

Dave Revere is the creative director at MediaTamer, a Southern California local online marketing company that utilizes the latest technologies and proven proprietary strategies insuring small to medium sized businesses are able to succeed online.

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