The Real DocuSign Review

The Real DocuSign Review

The Real DocuSign Review

I’ve been using DocuSign for years and it’s truly a game changer for a lot of industries.  When I first looked into using DocuSign for electronic signatures it just seemed like a confusing monumental task.  I am super conservative when it comes to protecting a company against potential legal or business workflow issues.  Being a bit old school, I needed to do the research to make sure it was safe to proceed.  Once I started digging into it I came to the conclusion that a DocuSign agreement is legally binding, will hold up in court, and it really wasn’t that complex to operate.  It just took some consistency, training, and an ability to shift company culture a bit. 

The easiest target for me in my company was the Human Resources Department.  HR departments who are still managing their updates and document management through an employee’s physical signature are wasting potentially hundreds of hours of time.  If you’ve ever purchased a home – before and then after electronic signatures became mainstream, you’ve experienced first-hand the incredible easing and convenience of electronic document signature and processing. 

Electronic Documents are truly revolutionary and DocuSign has made it easy and affordable enough for almost any company to adopt.  Cabinets full of hard copies and getting wet signatures will be like fax machines are today.  Dead and Gone.  And I’m recommending putting that cow out to pasture now and moving forward now to get ahead of the curve.

Sure there are some documents that absolutely require wet signatures and legally there is no way around it.  But they are very few and that will be changing pretty soon as well.  Technology will keep moving forward and laws will change. 

There are dozens of examples of huge increases in efficiencies and customer satisfaction that I could point to, but I’ll just give you one here from personal experience. 

I had been working with a retail automotive company and they required wet signatures for absolutely everything.  They literally had a warehouse full of file cabinets that contained employee documents, retail customer contracts, service documents, and literally every single transaction that required a signature.  This antiquated system of document management is not only a huge security risk, but also poses a big danger of losing it all to fire or flood.  Talk about an opportunity for improvment.  I worked with this company to implement DocuSign and the changes in efficiency were astounding.  Finance managers at this company would email documents to customers so that they could print, sign, and either scan or mail back.  65% of the time there was a key missing element on the document such as an initial here or there or a couple digits missing on a social security number.  The finance manager would miss it too, submit it for approval and it would get kicked back by the bank after a few days.  The finance manager would then send it back to the customer to fix.  The customer would get frustrated because it took a few days and now they’re back to square one getting ownership of their new vehicle and are forced to reschedule delivery.  Customers would get pissed.

It’s obvious that the customer experience is enhanced when they are able to just click a few buttons to sign an extensive document, but most people don’t consider the insurance that EVERY field that is required is filled out 100% of the time.  They can’t proceed and finalize an electronic document until everything is completed 100% so there is no missing information.  EVER!  Further, once a document is signed it can go to signer #2 and then #3 for signatures which also speeds up process of getting things done.  Then once it’s completed it can be emailed to multiple recipients for filing to a secure electronic storage folder that is searchable and retrievable in seconds.  Already electronic and ready to print or email to anyone.  Gone are the days of sifting through thousands of files in filing cabinets and then scanning – sending and then refiling.  Holy freakin’ moley what a time saver!

There are dozens of examples of ways to increase speed of operations, help employees manage their workflow, and improve the customer experience with most any organization.  There is definitely a learning curve to implementing and training of DocuSign, but honestly it’s so worth it.  And DocuSign University is second to none…in any industry.  They have knowledgeable account reps that can help onboarding in an organization and the online University is full of videos and articles to help you get ramped up. 

So do yourself a favor and start the process of getting electronic signing done in your business and very soon you’ll wonder how you ever operated without it.  And if you want some help with setting up DocuSign or any other electronic document signing software MediaTamer can help.  We’re well versed at setting up and handling the internal training required to change cultures to move towards a more streamlined document management system.  Contact us today and let’s talk about where we can help you maximize opportunities.  MediaTamer is custom built success.

Dave Revere is the creative director at MediaTamer, a Southern California local online marketing company that utilizes the latest technologies and proven proprietary strategies insuring small to medium sized businesses are able to succeed online.

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